10 Creative Tips on Celebrating Eco-Friendly Diwali !!

With Diwali, the opportunity for a get-together has arrived. Different activities should finish during Diwali, like cleaning the house, preparing desserts, puja, and so forth. All of these things are repeated this Diwali with loads of energy and enthusiasm. Why not do these in an eco-friendly way to celebrate the occasion of Diwali?

With the modern time, the way of observing Diwali has changed a lot. Even though the idea is the same, the focus has moved from lighting the entire world with diyas to bursting crackers and electric lighting. As Diwali also means New Year in the Hindu religion, let us make another beginning by commemorating Eco-friendly Diwali.


For some people these days, ecards fill the space where paper used to be the only choice. People have busier lives these days and need quick delivery solutions to send greeting cards that when they can’t post through the mail. The e-card industry is giving people a handy solution to this difficulty, which is also modest and for all intents and purposes. Nowadays, many people use e-cards to send their greetings to their dear ones.

Reused decoration

Reused decoration items are turning out to be increasingly well-known nowadays. These enriching decorations items not just use the things discarded as waste but also motivate us to use things after they are expiry. Using such items for Diwali style, you help save the energy that would waste in disposing of them.

Use oil diyas and led lights instead of candles

Diyas can be reused on the occasions for the requirement and are produced using the soil. Take a step back from the painted, which has synthetic color spread over them. And candles are for one-time use, require time and effort in their creation, are oil-based, and discharge poisons during burning and affect the air quality. A lot of the harmful chemicals are released like benzene, formaldehyde, and lead, unsafe to human and natural well-being if you should use electric lighting and choose LED lights. They use 80 percent less electricity than the standard ones and come in a different color.

Looking for some DIY craft time? Try mixing your love for crafts and unique lamps with the Happy Home Lamp Shades With Fairy Lights.

Cut down on fire-crackers with other fun options

Get Diwali gift delivery in Dehradun  of eco-friendly crackers rather than the chemical one. Eco-friendly crackers are reused paper. The sound delivered by these is the same as other types of crackers.

Go Organic this Diwali

Give natural items to your loved ones like cleansers and creams, tea, coffee, flavors, sweet frozen yogurts, bags, gems, ornamenting things, works of art, artistry, etc. It also communicates your adoration and cares for the earth. Use Diwali gift delivery to send desserts or some other food in a reusable paper bag. Avoid Plastics to make your local plastic-free.


Arrange eco-friendly activities

Arrange people group competition, including senior people, young-ones, and children in Rangoli, flower arrangement, dessert baking, paper lamp creating, etc. Organize music programs, puppet shows, skill shows, and other social activities. Set up a dance party that includes all. Play music to make fun of fireworks. It will give more delight and help you save some cash.

High use of electricity

Diwali is a celebration that puts substantial burdens on the over-burden electrical sources. During festivities, various homes, and shops are embellished with bright lights, which certainly uses a large amount of power. It is essential to use electricity thoughtfully.

People in modern-day have begun to understand the harmful effect of fire-crackers. Various communities are trying to develop new ways by which a person can be safe on the lap of nature. They are working hard to reconsider the customary ceremonies to shield nature and diminish the contamination of the environment.


While planning for a Diwali party, use pottery and biodegradable utensils rather than plastic disposables. They also add a custom feel to your gathering while at the same time lessening plastic wastes.

Diwali means a lot of local gatherings, both hosting and organizing. During these occasions, since there are such a large number of dishes which would need to wash, many of you consider getting disposable plates, which are bad for nature. Rather than this, you should pick biodegradable plates and glasses this time, which do not harm the environment and simultaneously simply dispose of. Banana leaf plates, Bamboo plates are a decent pick to online Diwali gifts delivery in Noida for those happy suppers.

Eco-friendly Paints

Diwali is also a period for cleaning, painting, and decorating the house. Use eco-friendly paints that are promptly available in the market and useful for both nature and well-being. For decoration, try not to use things produced using plastic. Rather than blossoms for rangolis, use vivid lights, and lovely decorating items produced using soil.

We are sure you will like this type of tips in celebrating eco-friendly Diwali more than the one you have been doing in the past.

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