10 popular social media trends 2021

10 popular social media trends 2020

Users’ tendency to use social media is often changing and has a direct impact on the operational and development strategies of companies, businesses, and brands that want to reach customers. at the level of frequency and closest. So, during a year of many changes with the advent of many trends, which activities are popular and are expected to become 10 popular Social Media trend of 2021?

1.Augmented reality experience

At the event held at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Both devices incorporate a new chip that allows the phone to provide users with additional augmented reality experiences. This augmented reality experience will have its initial impact on mobile games, it’s more likely that social media platforms will integrate and develop these new technologies as well.

2.The popularity of Instagram Stories

Currently, more than 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month. At this rate, almost half of Instagram users will be using the Story update function by the end of 2021. This means brands will and begin to care about connecting with Instagram users through Instagram Story. This is the Social Media trend that is appreciated for its quality and creativity.

3.Influencer Marketing exploded

More than 90% of Marketers use influencer marketing their marketing campaigns. Companies like North Face, Hubspot, and Rolex have been using social media-based marketing strategies to connect with new customers and improve interaction with existing ones.

Next year, it is likely that more brands will embrace influencer marketing (influencer usage, standout events) as a way to connect with audiences who are prone to bypass marketing forms. traditional.

4.Focus on Generation Z

A recent Goldman Sachs study concludes that Generation Z (**) is more valuable to most organizations and businesses. They are just beginning to enter the workforce and will have purchasing power for a while.

Brands will start to realize this and will change their social media strategies accordingly.

(**) Generation Z – true citizens of the virtual world. There are many definitions of Generation Z, in general, they include people born between the mid-1990s until the early 2000s, and raised in the ripe age of technology.

5.Brand involvement in messaging platforms

If before, users were the main users of messaging and exchange functions on Social Media, now businesses and brands will also “step in” to do that.

By 2021,

10 popular social media trends 2021

it’s predicted that brands will invest more time and money to connect with consumers on messaging platforms. Artificial intelligence, voice assistants, and chatbots will allow brands to offer personalized shopping experiences on messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Kik.

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6.Extensive live streaming

Today, brands large and small have started to use live streaming to attract the attention of their followers and fans.

GORUCK, backpack producer, and event organizer is an example of a mid-size brand that has grown and flourished by streaming great content on Facebook via live streams. stream. Thousands of devotees watched for 48 hours of an endurance race.

7.Digital Hangouts became the main platform

Houseparty is a video chat platform used by more than a million people every day. The platform is so successful that Facebook is doing research and searching to create a similar function in its platform.

Video is becoming more and more important on social media, and online video hangout groups are the platforms that grow too well for these trends. Easily visible in 2020, Facebook will announce a special hangout product that will win users a lot of attention, just as Instagram’s introduction of Stories did.

** Hangouts can be understood as a platform in which users can text and call for free through the Internet. Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emojis, and syncs across multiple operating systems. One of the prominent Digital Hangouts platforms you can explore is Google Hangouts (This app replaces all three products, Google Talk, Google+: Messenger and Hangouts).

Hangouts are also assessed as a trend to use social networks that bring many significant benefits to users.

8.Facebook Spaces becomes the main platform

Facebook isn’t just interested in online video; they are in the process of implementing a project called Spaces designed to allow friends to connect with VR (Virtual Reality concept). Facebook currently owns Oculus, a virtual reality hardware and software company, so it’s no surprise that the social media giant is developing a platform to take advantage of new technology. this.

Facebook is ready to bring Spaces in 2020. When they do, it is the first large-scale successful social media VR product. And of course, the success of Facebook will create a big craze and will likely change the trend of using social networks of current users.

9.Advertising policies, more confidentiality

The increasing number of social media users will bring about new user policies in the world’s largest social media channels, including advertising and security policies. Specifically, these policies will be stricter, with stricter rules for violations, helping to ensure user experience when using social networks.

Recently, Facebook dropped thousands of ads that appear to be related to Russian meddling and has invested in new AI and more specific forms of human tracking.

Given the widespread criticism that Facebook and Twitter received in 2017, it is likely that these platforms will include codes of conduct and governance policies to protect brands from future criticism. hybrid.

10.Will Twitter be forgotten?

Twitter failed to increase its followers in 2017. In truth, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram all have more social media adherents. This year, Twitter also lost access to online NFL games (Amazon won over). In 2020, Twitter will definitely be reconsidered by users, and if there are not many breakthroughs, it is likely that many regular users will leave the social networking site for more options. more attractive.

Possible changes to Twitter include selling the company to private investors, changing the platform to include some sign-up elements, and/or improving Twitter advertising options, capital has decreased compared to other platforms.


The new social media usage trends we mentioned above are expected to affect users and brands in a significant way. It is likely that live-stream video and virtual reality will become the mainstream. Additionally, many brands will migrate to new social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat

In addition, Twitter and Facebook will most likely adjust their policies to protect brands from political criticism and provide users with better online experiences.

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