10 Tips to Look Confident Even When You’re Not

You might get great opportunities only once in a while. Therefore, it is very important that you make the most of them. If you are preparing for an interview, then you can use a great Internet package like Gigablast Internet 1 Gbps to learn about the best tips. But no matter how well-prepared you might seem, things can still go wrong. This is because you might lose your confidence during the interview. This guide will offer some tips on how to act confident during stressful times. Read on to know more about this:

Don’t Be Afraid

You should never be afraid while facing a difficult situation. Think of the worst possible outcome in advance. This will enable you to get some clarity and calm your nerves. Also, focus on your positive attributes throughout the interview. Take frequent breaks and deep breaths. This will enable you to avoid being nervous.

Don’t Speak Too Much

A difficult situation might push you to speak more than normal. But the people around you can easily detect your nervousness this way. So, you should not speak too much while giving an interview or a presentation. If you forget a point, you should simply take a small break. Also, avoid fillers such as ‘umm, like, such as and so’ extra. They can easily make you seem unprepared.

Don’t Focus on Impressing People

You should never think about pleasing people during an interview. This is because this might make you appear average. You should not insult anyone. But you also shouldn’t change your viewpoint to make other people agree with you. Instead, you should state your viewpoint clearly. Present it in a unique and creative way. And never try to ridicule others while stating your viewpoint.

Seek Help

If you don’t feel confident, you should definitely seek help. Don’t think that it is a sign of weakness. Instead, seeking help can allow you to get over your weaknesses. So, own your weaknesses to shine brighter. Go to reliable people that will surely help you. After seeking help, you’ll feel much more self-assured than before.

Praise Other People

Praising others for their skills and achievements is a very desirable trait. This will allow the people around you to feel that you are really confident. The people around you will also get impressed with these compliments. Also, focus on explaining what you might have learned from these influential people. This will indirectly highlight your skills, achievements, and other important traits.

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Don’t Insult Anyone

The worst thing that you can do during interviews is to insult people. You should never highlight your traits while belittling others. This can make you appear arrogant and self-centered. You should highlight a negative trait without mentioning anyone in particular. This will make you appear unbiased and honest.

Be Honest

Lying about your achievements and experiences is also a big mistake. You should always be completely honest during interviews and presentations. If your claims don’t match your qualifications on the CV, it can create huge trouble for you. So, you should not take these kinds of risks with a great opportunity.

Focus on Your Gestures

Bad body language can easily let others recognize your nervousness. You should avoid crossing your legs or moving your hands too frequently. Instead, you should sit on the seat with a straight back. You should also shake hands quite firmly. This will help you in leaving a very good first impression. Also, maintain good eye contact with the interviewer. Don’t look here and there while answering a question.

Maintain a Firm Tone

Your tone might fluctuate a lot during an interview. But even if you get nervous, you should never let it reflect in your tone. The interviewer should always feel that you are very confident. And for that to happen, you will have to control your instincts. Speak confidently and smoothly to assure the interviewer of your confidence.

Ask Questions

Finally, you should ask questions to appear confident. After the interview, think about the small things that might have created confusion. You should ask the interviewer about these things. This will make him/her aware of your engagement during the interview. Also, don’t ask very simple questions. Come up with creative questions during the interview.

Acting confidently during a difficult situation can do wonders for you. After using these hacks, my friend easily cleared her interview and became a Cox customer care representative. So, just calm your nerves and make the most of every opportunity.