The cakes are just perfect for every occasion because you want to have them and they just know how to lighten up the mood and make a person all jolly. The cakes have magic in them that they know how to make a person smile.

The thing with cakes is that everyone can eat them but we all think about us gaining the weight and but that is not true as you can always have cakes at a certain point of time and you won’t even gain weight and another point is that beginning your new year with something as sweet as the chocolate does seem tasty and fun.

Chocolate is one thing that is just loved by everyone and they all enjoy eating it no matter what their age is. The chocolate is also known to improve the mood of the people around you but one must eat that in the limit as well but the best part is that you can always enjoy the new year chocolate cake with your loved ones this year.

Here are a few cakes that you can choose from and try them whenever you feel like:


The chocolate can work its magic anywhere and that includes the whipped cream and the rich creamy flavour of chocolate and this one thing that is just easily made so you can always go for that, you can also use Oreo cookies as the topping and the chocolate chips on it and this will just make for a mesmerizing delicacy that you and your family will enjoy.

The cream pie does not take long to be prepared and you can always make it on your own. All you need are just the right ingredients and it all can be made in a short while.

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You can always make these and they are easy to make, you can also use the Oreo biscuits as the topping or you can go with the cherries as these toppings are just evergreen, you can also make it as a chocolate chip cupcake. Everyone loves chocolate and you can always make it a bit more chocolatey with that. All you must remember is that these cakes can be made accordingly for persons who have diabetes, you can always find sugar free recipes related to it so that they don’t miss this lip-smacking delight.


The chocolate cake is just tasty, you can always make a chocolate truffle cake and just serve it to your members you can also make it with the dark chocolate and just enjoy that and decorate the cake with the Ferrero Rocher, this will just be a rich delight ad will just be loved by everyone so you can always opt for this cake and just enjoy this lip-smacking delight to your comfort.

If someone was not able to make it to the new year party then You can also send the cake with the online bouquet delivery in Bangalore or wherever the recipient lives.


This is perfect if you just want to try something with a little twist and you can always go for this and this cake is just bound to make you realise the twists that are there. You can always use the sprinkles on top of the cake and this is just amazing. The icing is not hard to make and there are manly recipes on the Internet providing you with the way to figure it all out. It is just a nice surprise for anyone and the new year is one occasion where you must try it.


Well, you can always make the chocolate jar cake and these have gained a lot of popularity with the other cakes as well and these cakes are just amazing and are mesmerizing, they don’t require a lot of effort and are easy to make as well. You can also keep these cakes stored safely. You can always send these cakes to your loved one along with the flower delivery in Bangalore.

This will not only make them have the taste of the cake in these prevailing situations but will also convey the message of your love. So, make sure that you send it without forgetting!

The journey of cakes and chocolates does not end here, there is a lot to their story and so much to explore that your sweet tooth will just enjoy it completely. There are many other cakes and recipes that you can give a try to this new year.