Best Screen Recorder App For Android 2020


Best Screen Recorder App For Android 2020

Several years ago, screen recording on Android was a difficult task to do. Your smartphone must be rooted so as to record the screen. But with the arrival of the Android API to record the screen, now recording the screen is often done easily without rooting. Now there are screen recorder apps on Android devices. thanks to the massive number of developers who have already developed a screen recorder app on the Google Play Store.

If you currently need a screen recording application, the following 10 apps might be a recommendation for you. Here are 10 best screen recording apps on the Android version. Most of the apps provided are completely free version, some could be restricted with a minimum recording interval. You’ll also download modded apps by using this method provided in our previous post.

Recording your favorite chat session, games personally, and also for vloggers this may be very useful. Here are the simplest screen recording apps which will be used without root and also with root access.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is one of the simplest and hottest screen recording applications on the Google Play Store. The app doesn’t require any root access to record screen activity. So it is often utilized in all Android smartphones. With DU Recorder, you’ll record the screen with top quality up to 1080p resolution. Oh, yes. DU Recorder is additionally one among the applications screen recorder with tons of features. Supports 20 languages globally

So those who aren’t very fluent in English, won’t be confused to use it.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Well, Mobizen is additionally pretty good. Not inferior to DU Recorder. In fact, Mobizen Screen Recorder is among the favorite screen recorder applications. I’ve used it several times to making YouTube videos. and therefore the recording is extremely satisfying. Because it can produce recordings with Full HD quality.Mobizen Screen Recorder is among the Google Play Editor’s choice editing app and also among the simplest app. The recording quality offered by Mobizen is additionally above DU Recorder, which is up to 1440p. So, your video record will look more clear. With Mobizen Screen Recorder, you can record the screen while playing PUBG Mobile, or other games.


Screen Recorder With Audio And Editor & Screenshot

This type of Screen Recorder application can also be used to record the screen when playing the game. Moreover, this application is provided with facecam.Not just that. Screen Recorder also provides features for video editing. ranging from cutting, giving effects, accelerating, to adding music to your recorded video.

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AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

One more screen recording application that’s also quite popular among Android users, namely the AZ Screen Recorder – No Root. a bit like the name suggests, this app doesn’t require root access from your smartphone. AZ Screen Recorder offers Full HD quality video up to QHD.Another interesting feature of the AZ Screen Recorder is its ability to pause recording. So, for instance, there are obstacles within the middle of the recording process, you’ll postpone it first. Then you’ll continue again if desired.


Google Play Games

If you’re using a screen recorder application to record games, then you better not download the screen recorder application. Better to use Google Play Games only. Because now, Google homemade app is already equipped with a screen recorder.Its features are highly optimized for gaming. There are many features which will make it easier for you to record the sport screen.


Screen Recorder

This sixth application features a simple name, namely Screen Recorder. Its name already explains the function of the application. So, for you who are trying to find a screen recording application to record tutorials or something, Screen Recorder is oftentimes an option.This application is free of charge, with ads in it. Uniquely, this application is often used without an online connection in the least. So it’s really suitable for you who like offline.

Super Screen Recorder – No Root

Although employing a super name, but Super Screen Recorder is an excellent application. Oh, yes. Super Screen Recorder is additionally not limited only to record screen.You can create a GIF from the video you recorded. and funky again, no watermark or watermark produced video you’re taking. So your video will look more professional. there’s no recording deadline. You’ll record as long as you would like.


Game Screen Recorder

This eighth screen recorder app is formed by developers under the name DGenius Mobile. A bit like the name suggests Game Screen Recorder may be a screen recording application that’s optimized to record your screen when playing games.An interesting feature of Game Screen Recorder is the feature of the prolog editor. Which you’ll enter to the start of the video.

Omni Screen Recorder

Omni Screen Recorder is also the best screen recording application. This application comes with a complete feature, ranging from screen recorder, edit video, to screenshot feature. You’ll also do livestream on YouTube, Facebook, and more.
REC Screen Recorder HD
The simplest screen recorder app for Android next called Rec Screen Recorder. One of the features I prefer about this app is that the availability of the timer feature. So, the app will stop recording the screen at a predetermined time. Cool, right? So very simple.
Well, that’s the 10 best screen recorder app on Android. By using the above 10 applications, you’ll record the screen Android smartphone with ease.

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