Best 5 Parental Control Software for Android

When you give the first android mobile phone to your kids, then you have some insecure feeling. Being a parent, you have to pay attention to the online activities of kids and to whom they talk to. Parents should check on the kids, whether they are on the right track or not.

Teens need guidance, and parents can guide them better than any other source. They do not feel comfortable if they are being watched, then how can parents monitor their devices secretly?

Well, you can use non-intrusive parental control software. Such apps are compatible with all android devices and enable you to watch every running online activity on your kid’s phone or tablet.

Are you looking for reliable yet efficient big brands for effective parental controls?

Well, you are in the right place because we are going to share the best 5 android parental control apps that can help you to track your kids anytime, anywhere.


  • Android Compatible
  • Advanced features
  • The Wispy $29.99/month
  • Stealth Mode

An android compatible parental control software provides advanced features and lets the parents keep track of every movement of the kid. Its geofencing feature enables the end-user to set the unsafe zones, and this app sends alerts if the kid enters the unsafe zone or leaves the safe zone.

A commanding software allows gathering all the data from the target device stealthily, including VOIP calls, text monitoring, IMs, hack the contacts, web browser history, etc. This parental control software helps the parents to keep the kids away from cyber danger.

Norton Family

  • Android compatible
  • Norton Family $49.99/year

We can say that Norton Family is the parental control app that can meet all the requirements that a parent can expect. It provides features that can provide you an in-depth detail of your kid’s device, including schedule, location tracking, content filters, etc. But it does not support the Geofencing. Parents can monitor online activities through its user-friendly dashboard.

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  • Android compatible
  • Qustodio $49.99/year

It offers a golden chance to parents to not only monitoring the kid’s phone but letting the parents set the limits and restrictions on the target device. It enables the end-user to track the location in seconds and also provides a geofencing feature to set the unsafe zones. Qustodio is a powerful call monitoring software with wide feature package plans.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Android compatible
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids $14.99/ license

It is one of the parental control software which provides many features for free, including web content filters, set the time, manage installed apps, location tracking, etc. Device scheduling is also a feature that can help parents to set the limited usage time for kids. You can consider Kaspersky Safe Kids if you want to check on YouTube history. Its only drawback is that its control panel is not user-friendly.


  • Android Compatible
  • Spyzie $59.99/month
  • Non-intrusive app

While talking about the best parental control, we can’t forget the Spyzie as it provides efficient monitoring services. It does not require the rooting process and allows the parents to track the kid’s phone secretly by installing this app. Its user-friendly control panel displays all the features and lets the end-user track the location and set the limits. The most interesting fact is that it offers an activity graph which lets you understand internet usage.


TheOneSpy is cloud base app that offers monitoring services for Phone,iPhone, Mac, and Windows systems. Meaning all the smart gadgets are under the radar of the Spy app. One can monitor the cellphone.,Tablets, laptops, and even personal desktops by using the TheOneSpy. The features are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. For example, the parental control features and employee monitoring features are wonderful for all the parents and employers out there who need an efficient phone spy app.

Final Thoughts

We always take care of our audience and understand what services they want. This is the reason we have listed the best 5 parental control software for android based on its installation method, management, pricing, free features, advanced features, efficient services, etc. All the above top parental control apps help you to monitor your kids and let you provide them a secure cyber environment so that they can also enjoy internet freedom.