Creative DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas

Creative DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas

Gifts are much more appreciated by the recipient when they are handcrafted with lots of love by a person. Be it a birthday gift or a valentine’s day gift, when the sender DIY-is it with their creativity and love, it tends to make the gift absolutely priceless. The recipient loves to cherish such gifts till the very end of time. So how about this Valentine ’s Day you notch up your gifting gesture by replacing some Valentine day soft toys online with the soft toys stuffed with your love for your dearest Valentine? Sounds like a plan, right? If not even soft toys, you can give this creative gift article a read to find many cool V-day gift ideas to pamper your Valentine with. All that you will be are some basic craft material like a pair of scissors, fabric glue, etc. Let’s take a look at what all can be made and gifted to our dear Valentine.

1. Cute Fabric Envelopes To Pass Some Love

Pass him/her some love notes as you choose to craft some adorable fabric envelopes. You can pass some sweet notes or can pass some chocolates/cookies in it. Your Valentine would love to cherish these fabric envelopes till the very end of time. All you need are a few scraps of fabric (minimum of 5” x 11”), matching thread, buttons, snaps or hook & loop tape and embellishments, pom-pom trim, ric-rac, etc.

Here’s How You Need To Make It:

  • Cut two rectangles of two different fabrics. Cut one side of the rectangles into triangular corners
  • Now sew both the sides of the fabric together with a 1/4” seam allowance. Make sure to leave a 2-inch gap. Clip the corners.
  • Now fold the fabric to close the envelope. Stitch the edges to close the envelope. Now can sew a button on its opening point to close the envelope.
  • And you’re done!

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2. Tote Bag For A Shopper Valentine –

Have too many onion bags or white tote bags lying around your house? It’s time to craft something innovative for your Valentine. In no time get yourself a beautiful hearty tote bag made.  Here’s what you need – an onion bag/cloth bag, heart-shaped cardboard cutout, one pencil with eraser back, red fabric/acrylic paint and some napkins.

Here’s How You Need To Make It:

  • Take an onion bag/ cloth bag/ white/faded bag.
  • Now cut out a heart of the desired size from cardboard. Place this cardboard piece in the center of the bag.
  • Take a pencil with an eraser on its back and diluted red paint. Also, keep some napkins ready to dab out the excess paint.
  • Now dip the pencil from the side of the eraser part into the red paint and surround the heart-shaped cutout to keep printing the impression.
  • Complete the whole process of taking the impression on the bag only thereafter remove the cardboard cutout from the shopper bag.
  • Your tote bag is ready to be gifted to your Valentine.

So, these were the two most favorite DIY gift ideas that are a major hit for Valentine’s day. You can get these minimal materials ready and start crafting them with your love for your Valentine. It does indeed make an endearing Valentine’s Day gift for both him/her. So this Valentine’s day gift your partner something creative, something that has been specially made with your love for him/her. And make it Valentine’s day to remember for the rest of his/her life. Save some of your bucks and gift him/her something such as these cute fabric envelopes or tote bags.

Happy Valentine’s Day To You!