How to Crop PDF to Remove Margins in Smartphone?

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Getting a clean scan is next to impossible if we do not pay attention to pre-scan cropping. Cropping is the decisive element that ensures how the image will look after scanning. Even the best PDF editor app fails to generate neat and sharp scans when the cropping is not proper.

When it comes to scanning, we always talk about the scanning functionality. But cropping is the most useful tool of any PDF editor app. Do you want to scan a few documents with the highest accuracy?

Let’s explore a PDF editor app for Android devices that crops well, scans better, and generates the best PDFs.

Flash Scan: The Best PDF Editor App for Android Devices

Scanning is one of the most frequent tasks we all do to simplify our lives. With mobile scanner apps, we can anytime scan documents using our hand-held devices. But there are a few pre-scan processes that are essential to get clear scans. also you can check how you can enjoy the online TV shows, web series, and movies on thewatchseries alternatives

What Are Pre-scan Processes?

Pre-scan processes are some important tasks users need to do before starting actual scanning. Here are important pre-scan tasks.

  1. The first pre-scan process everyone should do is, gathering all the documents that you want to scan. Keeping documents handy makes scanning quick and easy.
  2. Once you have all the documents handy you should use the smart PDF editor app to scan. Take a clear photo of all the documents. The brilliant camera scanner app lets you take a photo through your Android devices.
  3. Many scanner apps offer smart cropping tools that let you cut off all the unwanted borders or margins of the images. After cropping, you can decrease the image size, and only the most relevant content remains.
  4. You can also use clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations to get the most preferred orientation for better scans.

As we saw, cropping is the most important pre-scan process, you must choose a PDF creator app that offers smart cropping along with the best scanning.

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Flash Scan- The Best PDF Editor App

Flash Scan is the most reliable PDF creator app that generates clear and sharp PDFs in no time. This app offers an intuitive PDF Viewer tool that lets you perform various operations on your PDF files.

  1. You can choose different page-sizes for your PDF files. You can choose from Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default-size), A5 sizes.
  2. We can easily compress your PDFs for quick sharing with Flash Scan.
  3. Flash Scan offers PDF security. You can password protect your PDF files with this PDF maker app.
  4. Scanning a signature and placing it on any PDF file is easy with Flash Scan.
  5. You can also place custom watermarks on any files and images with Anti Counterfeit.

How to Crop and Scan With Flash Scan?

Flash Scan is a user-friendly document scanner app that scans excellently. Follow the below-mentioned steps to crop and scan your documents.

  • First of all, download the FlashScan app.
  • Now go to the dashboard and you will find a Doc Scanner option.
  • Users have to select the Camera or Media button to start scanning and adding documents to the Doc Scanner list.
  • After selecting the Camera or Media button, you will have to either click a picture that you want to scan or import it from the Gallery.
  • The next screen-crop- will allow the user to select the area to be scanned or rotate the image if the orientation is not correct.
  • Users can also use select all in case no cropping is required.
  • Scan the document and choose your preferred editing filters.

Cropping unnecessary margins is easy with Flash Scan. Let’s explore all the value-added features of this scanner app.

Features of The Flash Scan App

Flash Scan is an all-inclusive scanner app that offers brilliant features. Here are some of the main advantages of this app.

  • It is a smart document scanner app that scans all types of PDF documents.
  • It also offers an intuitive OCR. You can anytime use it for the image to text recognition. You can also save recognized text as a plain text on a clipboard.
  • The OCR also helps to translate recognized text.
  • It also scans QR codes and Barcodes.
  • It offers top-notch post-scan filters.
  • With this PDF creator app you can also generate sharp PDFs in no time.
  • It lets you easily save, share, rename, and delete any files and folders.


Flash Scan is one of the most reliable PDF creator apps. This PDF editor lets you perform various PDF related operations like adding a password, choosing PDF page size, Anti-counterfeit, etc. for free. Crop and scan all the important documents with just a few taps using Flash Scan.

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