How to Use Instagram Stories for Business?

In the Digital Age, businesses and brands can no longer afford to wait for their customers to come to them. In fact, they are the ones who have to go to their customers. Thanks to an abundance of DSL, cable, and wireless internet providers, almost everyone has access to the internet these days. New and improved smartphones are all about interaction, which is what brands crave.

Social media, and Instagram in particular, is one of the most effective mediums for brands to engage with customers. But that depends on managing their social presence carefully. This blog explores how brands can leverage Instagram Stories for your brand. Read on for more. You may learn a few things that surprise you.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories offer brands an effective way to get their message to their audience without flooding anyone’s news feed. Instagram lets you upload Stories with images, videos, and text that can allow you to engage your audience creatively. You can even add licensed music from Spotify to invoke the right emotions in your audience. The best part? You don’t need to be a professional videographer or photographer to create engaging Stories.

It’s as simple as opening your camera to capture an image or video, adding text, stickers, and gifs, and adding it to your story. People do it all the time, and the mechanics are no different when you’re a brand. Of course, putting careful planning and effort into your videos will always help. But there are plenty of brands that make off-the-cuff videos about the company mascot. The bottom line is if you aren’t leveraging Instagram Stories for your brand, you may be missing out on a large chunk of business. Here’s how you can use them for just about any brand:

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1.    Showcase What A Workday At Your Brand Looks Like

2.    Share Blog Content As Bite-Sized Articles

3.    Demonstrate How Your Product Works

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

# 1 Showcase What A Workday At Your Brand Looks Like

The brand messages that resonate with an audience are usually the ones that are best received. Humanizing your brand, and introducing the people behind it can help you form a connection with your audience. Branding focuses a lot on understanding emotional responses, and one of the best ways to generate a response is to induce a trigger.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be negative. One of the best ways to present a humanized version of your brand is to highlight the people aspect. For example, if you own a restaurant or a coffee place, you could make a series of Stories of a busy day. Get close-ups of servers, chefs, baristas, and even diners. A few personal stories here and there won’t hurt either. The object is to generate an emotional response that the audience will then associate with your brand.

# 2 Share Blog Content As Bite-Sized Articles

If the blogs and content you generate on your website aren’t getting enough traffic, you can leverage Instagram Stories to remedy that. If the content you create is valuable, the chances are good that people want to read it. You just haven’t figured out the right way of presenting it to them. A large blog can be split into a series of bite-sized chunks, full of infographics and easily digestible information.

That way your audience can determine whether the content is worth their attention. To keep things interesting, you should try to keep some key information on your website. With a call to action such as “read the complete blog here” and a link to your website, traffic will start pouring in. And if the website visitors like your content, they will be more likely to give your products a second look as well.

# 3 Demonstrate How Your Product Works

Instagram is one of the best places to showcase a product, and Instagram Stories offer the perfect format. Demonstrating what your product can do is a great idea for a Story. If your product can be used in more than one ways that’s another aspect you can add to your story. You need to clearly demonstrate what value your product adds to a customer’s life, what they can do with it, and why they need it.

If you have any special stories that you’d like to keep on hand so you don’t have to repeat them, add them to your highlights. That’s how brands showcase special promotions like Cox offers or recurring weekly discounts. You can even place your best product lines in highlights. Those are bound to get your audience’s attention

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