Instagram Giveaway Ideas – Are they good for Your Business?

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What is an Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram is the social media platform that holds a large number of giveaway contests. In these contests, people put up a prize for liking, commenting, sharing, and tagging on your posts. These contests are solely decided by the owner of the account.

There is a large variety of Instagram Giveaway Ideas and you will have to choose the one that will help you to generate the most sales. We have collected the top five giveaway ideas.

However, for now, we will look at some of the rules for Instagram contests about what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

These rules are stated as follows:

  • Make sure that you follow all the rules of this platform. Sure, everybody does that but when people, from all around the world, are involved then anybody may fall off the track unintentionally.
  • The official rules of the contest must be shown clearly on your account. You can make a separate post and upload it on Instagram.
  • When you are running a giveaway contest, it is vital to tell the people that Instagram is not involved in it. Thus, you should avoid using such terms.
  • It is okay to tell people that they can tag their friends. But you need to avoid inaccurate tagging.
  • You can’t use Instagram as a support for your contest. This is because Instagram clearly mentions that it will not get involved in any one of your contests.

Top Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Once you know all the rules of the Instagram contests, you need to start choosing the appropriate giveaway idea for your business that helps to expose your brand more. Proceed below to know the top five giveaway ideas.

1. Contest of Tagging a Friend

This kind of contest helps to acquire more followers than any other contest and it will help you to expose your brand to a far bigger audience. You can ask the people to tag a single or a couple of friends on your post or even follow your account to win a prize.

2. Skill-Based Contest

This kind of contest provides an opportunity for your followers to showcase their talent. Ask your people to come up with a skill to show off your products and services.

The person with the best skill gets his/her hands on a certain prize. This contest can help people to learn more about your brand than any other contest.

3. Contest of Photo Caption

People are ready to be sarcastic whenever they get a chance and social media provides a plethora of opportunities to do just that. In this kind of contest, you need to tell people to caption your unusual or inscrutable picture and the best captions get a reward.

You can select the best caption by yourself or you can call a winner by the number of likes he/she gets on the caption. However, it is preferred that you select the winner by yourself.

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4. Contest of Like and/or Comment

This is the simplest kind of Instagram giveaway contest and it only involves liking and/or commenting. However, it is highly required to incorporate both of them to attract some high-profile marketers.

All you have to do is to ask the people to like and comment on any picture. The posts that get more likes will be given away as a prize.

5.  Contest of Instagram Stories

When you are running an Instagram contest, you should never forget about the stories feature on this platform. Instagram Stories Contest may become the perfect opportunity to expose your brand in 24 hours. Some stories may also go for more than 24 hours.

You can hold a question marathon with you people about your brand. Whoever gets the rightest answers, he/she wins.

Importance of Press Release Publication

Press releases signify the position of your brand to the outside world along with the news of new product launch or a new partnership. Press releases are a great way to enhance the growth of your business. The benefits of Press Release Publication are stated as follows:

  • The credibility of your business gets clarified on these press releases. When they reach your audience, they get moved by your capabilities.
  • Press releases consider to be an effective marketing plan. You can tackle the appropriate audience by critically analyzing all the stakes.
  • Content matters a lot when you want people to understand your brand. Therefore, choose the right words on the press releases to attract customers.
  • Press releases provide instant exposure to your business by distributing them in the appropriate places.
  • You mention the worth of your business on these releases. This helps to attract numerous deep-pocketed investors to invest in your business.

Final Words

Instagram Giveaway Ideas and PR publication, both of them hold immense importance. Where giveaways can generate more inbound traffic, press releases can increase the foot traffic. You just need to find the right way to execute everything.

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