Learn the right hair growth method to grow your hair and improve thinning hair!

For those who are suffering from thinning hair, I want to cherish as many coats as possible. Therefore, this time, we will introduce methods for promoting hair growth and how to choose a hair growth agent.

The basis of the correct hair growth method is to improve lifestyle habits!

“Hair growth” keeps the hair that is growing healthy and makes it thick and firm. There are various causes for thinning hair, but for some reason, it may be caused by disturbing the normal hair cycle of “growth period,” “regression period,” and “rest period.”

During the “growth phase,” when hair matrix cells repeat cell division and hair grows, it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the scalp and deliver oxygen and nutrients needed for hair. However, excessive stress leads to poor blood circulation, and disordered eating habits lead to a lack of nutrition required for hair. For this reason, reviewing lifestyle habits has the necessary implications for hair growth.

The recommended method for successful hair growth

By reviewing your lifestyle, you may be able to improve your hair loss to some extent. Be aware of the following and aim to enhance your lifestyle.

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Get good nutrition for your hair

The food required for hair growth

  • Protein
  • Mineral
  • Vitamin

It is said that. Actively consume proteins that makeup about 90% or more of the components of hair, minerals involved in hair formation, and vitamins such as B vitamins.

Binge drinking and eating should be avoided, but excessive dietary restrictions can also lead to the hair’s undernourishment, leading to thinning hair. Try to have a well-balanced diet.

Relieve lack of exercise and stress

Lack of exercise impairs blood flow and can cause poor circulation in the scalp. Hair growth requires oxygen and nutrition. Exercise moderately to provide adequate nutrition to your scalp and hair. Excessive stress disturbs the autonomic nerves, leading to drinking and sleep deprivation. Taking time for your hobbies and finding your way to relieve stress is also essential for hair thinning measures.

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Do the right hair care

When shampooing, be aware that you should wash your scalp gently. It is also recommended that you shampoo “after you come home at night” rather than “before you go out in the morning.” Sebum also protects the scalp and hair from UV rays, so if you shampoo before going out in the morning, the necessary sebum will be washed away, and the scalp will be more susceptible to UV rays.

Correct use of hair restorer. What should I choose based on?

Hair restorers sold in Japan are divided into three categories, “pharmaceutical products,” “quasi-drugs,” and “cosmetics,” according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


The effect of the active ingredient in it has been recognized, and it is intended for treatment. A doctor prescribes some, and some are available at drug stores, such as OTC drugs.


The active ingredient is blended in a specific concentration and is mainly intended for prevention and hygiene. Since it contains active ingredients that are said to be effective, it can be labeled as “skin sterilization” on the package.


It does not necessarily contain the active ingredient, and it cannot be labeled as affecting such as “sterilizing the skin” (if it has the active ingredient, it is marked as “medicinal cosmetics”).

And the main active ingredients used in hair restorers are

  • Ceraphantin (blood circulation promoting action)
  • Glycyrrhizic acid (anti-inflammatory effect)

There are various types, such as.

All ingredients must be labeled on hair restorers, so when choosing a hair restorer, make sure that it contains the active ingredients before purchasing. Also, when using it, pay attention to the following two points.

Thoroughly clean and dry the scalp

Soak in a bathtub as much as possible to improve blood circulation, and shampoo carefully to wash away dirt from pores. After bathing, immediately wipe off the water and quickly dry it from the root before applying the hair restorer. By eliminating excess sebum and water from the scalp, the hair restorer can easily penetrate the scalp.

Follow the usage and massage the scalp

Scalp problems such as itching may occur when using a hair restorer. This is more likely to happen when you use a lot of hair, so be sure to follow the dosage when using a hair restorer. Also, scalp massage can be expected to improve blood circulation in the scalp and improve the scalp environment, so it is recommended to take it together using a hair restorer.

Conclusion: Hair growth starts with improving lifestyle habits!

It is thought that reviewing lifestyle habits leads to an improved scalp environment and improves and prevents thinning hair. In addition to using hair restorers, let’s show a regular and healthy lifestyle and grow hair.

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