10 Best Offline Multiplayer Games For Android

Offline Multiplayer Games For Android

Multiplayer android offline games are a very interesting type of game to play with friends when you don’t have an internet connection. Playing Offline Multiplayer Games For Android is really fun. However, playing offline games will sometimes feel boring because you will only play alone.

Therefore, now there are quite a lot of offline games that you can play multiplayer with your friends. But of course, you have to be connected to the same network or play on one cellphone, like shooting multiplayer games for android via WiFi hot spot offline.


Want to play a multiplayer racing game with a fun game concept that can be played offline? Now you can play KING OF KARTS. By carrying grain graphics are colorful, this game will bring you to compete in a variety of Trak different speeds.

In these races, you can use a variety of different character choices. Apart from support for gamepads, this game also has other features, such as shortcuts in the tracks that you can find, various power-ups and items that can be used, and much more.

Fling Fighters

Even though it is an online game, Fling Fighters provides a local multiplayer game mode that you can play without being connected to the internet at all.

The gameplay of the multiplayer mode in this game itself will be on one mobile screen, where players will share screens on the left and right in various different areas. The player who wins, of course, is able to make the opponent’s health bar reach 0.

Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead! is a gladiator racing themed game. You will choose a car from a wide selection of cars that you can unlock, starting from ordinary cars, monster trucks, even alien vehicles.

The multiplayer concept that is presented still carries a concept that is not much different from the previous game, where you will play together on one mobile screen.

Local Warfare

If you are looking for an offline FPS multiplayer game to play with your friends, then Local Warfare is one of the recommended games for you to play.

To play this game in multiplayer, you must be connected to the same hotspot. Even though it has a pretty good graphic presentation, this game is light enough to play.

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Even though it has a very simple retro look, Terraria is one of the premium games that are quite popular on the Google Play Store. Graphic presentation is not everything, but what is more important is how the game is able to entertain the players.

Well, apart from going on an adventure alone in this game, of course, you can play in multiplayer mode where you can play together with up to 7 of your friends who are connected in the same network.

Maze Militia

Maze Militia is an FPS action game that can be played online or offline though. For the gameplay itself, this game has several fairly classic game modes, including the Team Deathmatch mode.

Besides having a relatively good graphic presentation for similar games, this game also has pretty good game controls.

Soul Knight

One more game with this retro-style visual in this article. Soul Knight is a game with gameplay that will take you to explore dungeons, collect various weapons, and fight against attacking enemies.

In addition, this game also provides heroes with unique abilities. Not only are the game features plentiful for a relatively small game size, but this game also has fairly smooth game controls, and supports offline multiplayer mode for up to a total of 4 players.

Portal Knights

Carrying a game concept that combines action and RPG elements, this game is one of the premium games that is quite recommended. Your mission in this game is to save the kingdom that has been taken over by evil forces.

In this mission, you can use a hero who has unique abilities. Now besides being able to be played alone, this game also supports playing up to 4 players who are connected to the same WIFI network.


As an offline game that can be played in multiplayer, BombSquad is certainly one that you deserve to play. With a fun game concept where you will fight using bombs, this game will be even more interesting because it supports up to 8 players who can play together.

But of course, you have to be connected to each other in the same network. What makes this game even more interesting besides its unique appearance, is that there are boxes in the competition that have different functions to change the bombs you throw to be more special. In addition, this game has quite a varied map.

Special Forces Group 2

Discussing offline multiplayer games, of course, is incomplete if you haven’t included this Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist concept game. This game has the same game concept as Counter-Strike, where you will be divided into 2 teams that have to beat each other.

Apart from classic modes like that, this game also has several other game modes that are interesting to play. Besides having a large selection of maps, weapons, and characters to choose from, this game also has easy and fun gameplay and can be played offline with your friends.

Those are the 10 Best Offline Multiplayer Games for Android 2020 that you must play with your friends when you don’t have connectivity. Even though it’s offline, it’s still very interesting, right?

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