Three Best places to visit in Kathmandu


Three Best places to visit in Kathmandu

There are numerous fantastic places to travel in Kathmandu and these three are the best places to visit in Kathmandu. There is some epic list to help you plan your travels. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, features an upscale history dating back to the 12th century. It’s a busy and big city of Nepal. With numerous incredible tourist places in Kathmandu, you’ll never be bored here, and once you visit Nepal, you need to confirm you spend a minimum two days here. Most of the Nepal Trekking and Nepal Tour packages start from Kathmandu. In Nepal, 6 Days Kathmandu Pokhara Tour and 8 days Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour is Popular. Both tour packages cover these three prominent places of Kathmandu. 


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and also called heritage city and city of temples. You can visit in Hindu Temple as well as Buddhist Stupas in Kathmandu. It might sound ‘crazy’ initially glance. Still, behind the curtain, peace is often found by visiting Swayambhunath’ monkey’ temple or Kopan monastery, where you’re bound to find a piece of nirvana slightly.

If you would like to taste food, after trying momos with garlic soup, there’s a logically good chance you’ll be left salivating for more. Kathmandu city is crazy busy all year round, so I even have put together this text to help find the only places to travel.


The three best places to visit in Kathmandu are:

1) Bhaudanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa is situated 7 kilometres from the centre of Thamel; Boudhanath is possibly the very best of the list of the first stunning tourist places in Kathmandu. Boudha is one of the first essential Stupa in Asia (a Stupa could also be an area of worship where Buddhists generally visit for prayer).

Boudha is seriously impressive and should be seen from kilometres away, but once you’re up close following the thousands of pilgrims and travelers, it’s truly an unbelievable sight to determine. Boudha was said to be developed around 600 AD; around the same time, the Tibetan king determined to convert to Buddhism, which makes Boudha a very holy place for Buddhists.

Boudha can become very busy, and some tips from an insider notified me that the only time to travel to is just in the dark when locals begin to light butter lamps and burn incense.

When thinking about what to prepare in Kathmandu, don’t miss this place to visit!

Insignificantly north of Boudhanath is ka-naming Sheldrup Ling Gompa, which is additionally Tibetan in nature and like Boudhanath is white. Ka-nying Sheldrup Ling Gompa could also be an area for learning lamaism.


  • How to reach: Take a public bus from the old bus park or from Jamal to Boudhanath.
  • Location: Buddha Stupa, Boudhanath Sadak
  • Availability hours: 24h/7


2) Kathmandu Durbar square

Kathmandu Durbar Square is an old heritage places situated in the South of Thamel, which unfortunately was harshly damaged within a quake. Right now, it is completely reconstructed. The Durbar Square of Kathmandu is registered as a UNESCO world heritage Sites. 


Durbar square is a collection of temples, Stupas, and old royal palaces. Durbar square is kind of easily accessed from Thamel, some 700 meters away, and once you’re there, you’ll explore a variety of the more significant temples or just sit back and watch people feed pigeons. It is often quite overwhelming with all of the varied structures, so to help you out there are a few web sites to ascertain out in durbar square:


Taleju temple – is described because Hindus or tourists don’t easily access the foremost luxurious temple in durbar, but. Taleju is 35 meters high, which holds 12 smaller temples inside surrounded by four gates.


If you wish to explore more, then book this full-day tour, where you will have an opportunity to travel to 3 durbar squares in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur!


Durbar square is taken under consideration; one of the foremost documented Kathmandu attractions and intrinsically is completely unmissable!


  • How to reach: You can walk for some minutes from Thamel
  • Location: Near Thamel
  • Availability: 24 hrs

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3) Swayambhunath – Monkey Temple in Kathmandu

Swayambhunath could also be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and rightly so, as it’s a shocking historic site and provides a variety of the only accessible views of Kathmandu with basically 360-degree views.

The Swayambhunath Stupa is adorned with prayer flags that are arranged amongst an order of temples, Stupas, and statues. It makes everything so attractive proximity, and once you add people, it can get pretty packed, but don’t let that settle you off your visit. Morning is the sutitable time to visit Swoyambhunath, at that time skies are peaceful, and there won’t be crowd on that time. 


Walking around Swayambhunath is best-exhausted following local custom by walking around during a clockwise orientation (kora); this also stops you from going into people coming the other way. Swayambhunath, like Boudhanath, is often slightly confusing as such tons are happening. So here are some quick points to guide you to the right spots:


Eastern stairway – if you are sensing fit, why not take the stairs? The easterly stairway was created within the 17th century, which begins from great thunderbolt and thus Stupa itself. But look out when ascending or descending these stairs as macaques will plan to bite you or steal your food.


Western Stupa – from the foremost entrance, take a left and meander the cobbled stone path until you encounter a gompa perched overlooking the mountains surrounding Kathmandu.

Buddha Amideva Park – this is non crowded places of the Swayambhunath Stupa, where three enormous statues made from gold, are erected dedicated to guru rinpoche. This is situated on the northern part from the central area. 

While you’re here, it would be worth visiting the reason museum, which can be a rather strange attempt at a museum you’d see in Trafalgar square.

For the adventure seeker traveler, you can extend your trip by doing Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek or Mardi Himal Trek etc. 

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