Top plants to grow at home that is a natural pain reliever

natural pain reliever

Is your body pain giving you a tough time? Have you ever thought of trying natural pain reliever? Maybe not! Well, you are not alone because whenever we suffer from any type of body pain, most people run to over the counter medicines. Of course, we have developed this type of habit where we look for allopathic medicines in any type of problem that the body gives. It is because these medicines are developed to give up instant relief. Have a headache? Pop in pain killers, got muscle cramps? Again goes the pain killer. The painkillers have become so common that we slip in one as soon as we get the sign of pain, without even a second thought because we cannot stop.

The world we are living moves so fast that one cannot afford to stop or slow down even for a second. Though we cannot slow down the pace of the world, what we can do is take care of our health. The tablets we usually rely on sure give us fast relief, which is, of course, very important, but they can also bring along lots and lots of side effects too. The side effects can be anything from small effects to fatal death. So, relying on these medicines for a long time is never a good idea. It can harm you in the long run.

In my suggestion, you should turn to allopathic medicines when all the other remedies fail. Then what should you do, you may ask? Well, if the pain is not that severe, first try to cure it with home remedies. There are plants and herbs that are natural pain killers and fight pain to give you relief. You can order plants online and grow these natural pain relievers at your home or can buy from the market. Let me tell you which plants and herbs to grow at your place. Have a look at the list below.


You know most of the plants and herbs mentioned in this list may be already available in your house because these are very commonly found things in an Indian kitchen. Our first pain killer is cloves. Such things are commonly used in Indian food so, nothing too fancy is waiting for you further. Some people like to brew cloves in their tea and enjoy it. It is a very age-old herb, and our ancestors used it. One of the best advices you might have got is to put a clove in your mouth if your tooth is giving you a tough time. Our parents made us do it because cloves are antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal as well. Also, if you are dealing with a sore throat, even then, cloves are your thing to consume. To treat earache and headaches, you can use oil made with cloves.

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Next on the list is a rosemary plant that you can totally buy for your home. Rosemary plants give out pretty purple-colored flowers, which look amazing everywhere it is planted. The reason you should get a rosemary plant is that a very effective remedy is made by using rosemary leaves. You can make oil infused with rosemary leaves, and this oil is a perfect cure for relieving various types of pain. It has the capability to cure headaches, which is very normal in today’s time. Before you gulp a pain killer, give rosemary oil a chance, it may be effective to you as well because people have claimed to be getting relief. You can buy indoor plants online if rosemary is not easily available in your area. The oil is also very effective in curing pain in the bone, muscle ache, and even seizures


I don’t know if you have heard about the other ingredients on the list, but turmeric is a very famous painkiller. Turmeric is the most commonly used pain reliever and one of the most effective too. Remember when you would fall down and scratch your neck, you were always treated with turmeric milk? Also, if someone has surgery, they are often given turmeric in milk, so the recovery is fast. It is because turmeric is a healer. The main pain-killing agent present in turmeric is Curcuma. You can infuse it in your tea, milk, or juices if you can gulp it raw.

This is the list of best natural pain killers that will help you say goodbye to your pains. These natural ingredients may take a longer time than the usual tablets but have patience. They will work on their pace. Next time you find yourself in the market looking for the pain killers, shun the tablet, and instead buy the natural killers that are mentioned in the list.